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“The Planetary Center”,or, The Funniest Letter Ever Written

The following has nothing to do with the hollow earth. However, in my defense, I am presently at the University of California Riverside’s Eaton Archives, looking for dissertation materials. one of the Eaton Archivists’ great resources is its SF fanzine collection. Now, not knowing were to look, I simply did a keyword search for things like “hollow”, “earth”, “underground”, “underworld”, “center”, etc. One of the titles I uncovered was “The Planetary Center”, and as there are no descriptions given, all I can do is take out the material and look it over.

What I found was the most unintentionally hilarious thing ever. Not a fanzine, but a letter from 1959. Enjoy



24720 Carlysle St.,

U.S.A. – Earth!

God’s Universe…

Est. 1954

Dear Enquirer:

The Planetary Center is a public information bureau concerned with the appearance of interplanetary craft from other planets in our atmosphere at this time..called flying saucers by the public, UFO by the military, Unidentified Flying Objects. Its purpose is to gather books, pamphlets, photographs, concerning the physical facts pertaining to such visitors, to make them available to those who are interested..for each individual to evaluate for himself. Having sent our material to the heads of governmental and policing departments, local and national, we feel we are operating, with the government’s knowledge. Having contacted the US Air Force at Wright Patterson Airfield, Dayton, Ohio, as well, in 1954, as to our activities and being told they also had a serious program investigating flying saucers and to please cooperate reporting to them anything of importance that we might come upon in our research, we consider we are NOT violating any security risk. The local Detroit papers and many libraries have come to refer enquiries of them concerning flying saucers to us. We are registered with Wayne County, Michigan, as a non-profit organization.

While not discounting intuitive processes, for themselves (hunches, mental telepathy, etc.), we do NOT go into literature pertaining to existing psychic saucer research in connection with “messages” purportedly received from such Visitors. We have our own proof that these are physical, more advanced, friendly human beings, coming in space-craft and there is enough evidence to support our conclusions to consider, without going into the unknown and, as yet, undependable areas of the mind, or the theories concerned with mental or spirit beings. Our Open Letter, a monthly newsletter, is concerned with saucer sightings, face-to-face contact and the activities of saucer groups in many countries, including this one. It also contains information concerning changes to come to this planet given out by the Visitors directly to individuals, as well as articles concerned with the developing consciousness or abilities to understand of man, better enabling him today to understand the advanced physical-spiritual stage of growth of the Visitors than ancient Earthman was able to do, when the Visitors came openly to them, speaking to them, face-to-face. Knowin our stage of intuitive growth better than we do, we feel the Visitors would come to us on OUR level of growth, not theirs, or they would only encourage our obviously still distorted human-mind thinking.

The Planetary Center does NOT have a membership and we do NOT hold regular meetings. A nucleus group answers phone and mail enquiries from all over, presently without remuneration, although some have been giving full-time to the work for some time; spending their personal savings to keep the Center going (known also as a saucer study group in the past). They also prepare the Open Letter to the point where a voluntary working committee can be called in, once a month, at least, to help get it into the mail. When the occasion warrants it, we present lectures concerned only with the objective saucer research and face-to-face contacts. You would be notified concerning such a program is you request to be put on our Open Letter mailing list by writing the the above address. It is on a free-will basis, which you might consider after reading it, if you wish, as little or as much as you wish, as often as you wish (or not at all if you cannot afford to do so, or do not care to do so), towards helping to defray expenses. We feel it will all balance up, somewhere. We hope, eventually, also, to give those giving full-time a commensurate wage..for how else can one exist in this economical system, even though the work one is engaged in may mean the salvation of the planet? And whether they wanted to support themselves, elsewise, or not.

The Planetary Center is not concerned with any religious or political organization, each co-worker being a free individual. We feel the Visitors’ coming at such a crucial time in our history, however, and at a time when WE are trying to get into outer space, ourselves, is more than co-incidental; knowing, as we have discovered in our research, that the sacred scriptures of all people of the past contain information concerned advanced human beings coming in craft to help humanity to help itself, at times of need, setting an example of their on higher way of life on their planets, as well, apparently leaving us to work out our own problems, otherwise. This came to be forgotten, in time..or considered to be only “angels”, or “spirit phenomena”. The possibility that other people, like ourselves, however, only more advanced, because they have LIVED God’s Laws..not just professing to believe in them, as we have done, are living on other planets, without war deprivation, starvation, and without a money system like ours that limits the distribution of the good things of life that keep a planet growing and united to those able to acquire money, even though GOD has made them available to ALL, for nothing, is worth considering. AND MUST NOT BECOME CONFUSED WITH PSYCHIC PHENOMENA.

This could be the inspiration for our leaders and people to keep in mind, in trying to solve our own planetary problems; a goal to work towards. As perilous as times are, it is nothing to ridicule or toss out without a second thought. And thus, some of us at the Planetary Center have felt it worthwhile to minimize our personal lives, for the time being, despite such ridicule, and financial hardships, to devote all the time we can to getting this information to the people of this planet, in a way they will consider as to its possibilities, whether they believe it right away or not. In order that the Visitors may come further into our skies and visit openly, teaching us how to live as they do, with open more advanced guidance coming to them, also. They can come in none too soon.. as war looms more possible and planetary changes (the shifting of its poles, accelerating, effecting the climate, the weather, the tides, man’s tensions, etc.), also, nears, through which the Visitors will help us. Even is this shift should not occur for many years to come, one can readily see wherein lies the responsibility of those of us with understanding.

Towards that end, the Planetary Center has a speaking team, concerned with the saucer research that has been done through civilian channels, both scientific and philosophical (not only concerned with the Visitors’ space-craft, that is..but why they are so much more advanced than us in all ways, including spiritual), that goes out only upon invitation to speak, asking nothing for its individual members in payment for its services; accepting a lecture fee for only  a contribution directly to the Planetary Center, in order for its activities to continue. But, lecturing whether a group can contribute or not. The writings of its co-workers are also donated to the Center, which puts them also on a free-will offering basis.

The following is a list of some of the objective flying saucer books which we recommend for you to start investigating the situation for yourself, as we all have had to do, since there is no official body to turn to that will even consider the possibilities of flying causers from other planets, as yet. There are many books now available in public libraries as well as book stores; donating such books to the public and school libraries, and church libraries, as well, is a project which you might consider, yourself, as the Planetary Center continues to do, as it can, also. We also include a list of saucer magazines concerned with objective saucer research that are available only by subscription as a means of keeping up with the sightings that continue all over the world, even behind the Iron Curtain. This will, as well, put you in touch with many other of the countless civilian groups organizing in many countries, and in the country, to investigate the situation.

SAUCER BOOKS: Flying Saucers Are Real, Flying Saucers from Outer Space, The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, by Major Donald Keyhoe (retired).

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Captain Edward Ruppelt, former Investigator of UFO for the US Air Force.

Flying Saucers Have Landed; Geo. Adamsk & Desmond Leslie.

Inside The Space Ships; Geo. Adamski.

The Case for the UFO, the UFO and the Bible; M.K. Jessup, Astronomer.

Space, Gravity & the Flying Saucer; Leonard Cramp, British Mathematician.

The Truth About Flying Saucers, Aime Michel, French scientist.

SAUCER PAMPHLETS: BY Laura Mundo (Marxer), co-founder Planetary Center, on a free-will offering basis, after reading, to the Center;

The ABD of Saucers, mimeographed.

Let’s Keep Psychism Out of Saucers, mimeographed.

A Summation of Civilian Flying Saucer Research, mimeographed.

“Time of the End”, printed.

SAUCER TAPES: (lectures). Rob’ Johnson, 30702 MacKenzie Bl, Garden City, Mich.

SAUCER MAGAZINES: (Only a few of them may be available).

The Open Letter, monthly, The Planetary Center, free-will offering.

The Flying Saucer Review, quarterly, 1 Doughty St., London WC 1, Eng. $3.75.

Saucers, Max Miller, editor, PO Box 35034, LA 35, Calif. $3.00. Quarterly.

The Saucerian, Gray Barker, Box 2228 Clarksburg, W. Va. $2.00

[And more, but my neck really hurts form typing this up for the last hour, so I’m not going to list them.]

Sincerely yours in the vital project that must become the concern of each individual on this planet, bringing permanent peace and plenty to all..and thusly returning us to the universal family of planets from which we have so long unconsciously isolated ourselves, quarantined as we have been, as well, unbeknownst to ourselves, until we learn to get along with each other, although allowed to think in terms of getting into outerspace. Let’s hope that day is fast approaching when we will be welcomed! For further information contact Connie Grzych, co-founder.

August 1959,                                                                      The Planetary Center

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