A Study of the Hollow Earth

Exploring forgotten realms of literature

A Bibliography of Hollow Earth Writings

Adams, Jack [Alcanoan Grigsby]. Nequa, or, The Problem of the Ages (Topeka, KS: Equity Publishing Company, 1900).

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Anon. Relation d’un voyage du Pôle Arctique au Pôle Antarctique par le centre du monde, avec la description de ce périlleux passage, et des choses merveilleuses et étonnantes qu’on a découvertes sous le Pôle Antarctique (Amsterdam: N. Etienne Lucas, 1721).

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—. ‘A Descent into the Maelstrom’, Graham’s Lady’s and Gentleman’s Magazine (1841).

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‘The “Symmsonian” Letters, No. 2’, Cincinnati Literary Gazette, 6 March 1824, p. 76.

Thorpe, Fred. Through the Earth; or, Jack Nelson’s Invention (New York: Street and Smith, 1909). [First published as ‘In the World Below; or, Three Boys in the Center of the Earth’, Golden Hours (5 June – 7 August 1897).]*

Tower, Washington L. Interior World: A Romance Illustrating a New Hypothesis of Terrestrial Organization, with an Appendix Setting Forth an Original Theory of Gravitation (Oakland, OR: Milton H. Tower, 1885).

Verne, Jules. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (New York: Scribner, Welford and Co, 1872).

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